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The ability to learn has been questioned and studied by greats such as Plato and Aristotle, and yet we are in a world where our children are having difficulties in school. Is it normal for a child to not understand how to do their homework, is it normal for a child to struggle? At A+ Tutoring our answer is NO! First and foremost, we are educators, caring professionals that have dedicated their lives to helping children.

As a teacher I have seen students struggle with understanding material. These are bright young minds that are capable of conquering any challenge, however we see them under perform. As parents we look at our children and want only the best for them. At A+ Tutoring our belief is that every child can and will learn with the proper resources. Our state credentialed teachers are experts in their field and will provide your child with the highest quality instruction that will guide them to a brighter future.

With the use of technology learning has changed from what it was a simple 10 years ago. We believe that with the use of technology our students can be engaged not just during the tutoring lesson, but throughout the day. Our student blog tool allows students/parents/tutor/teachers to all connect interactively to monitor and assess your child's progress.

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Roman Slavinsky has been in the Educational field for over ten years. He has worked as a teacher, mentored as a master teacher, tutored, and done many professional developments on integration of technology into the classroom. In 2010 A+ Tutoring was started with the mission to provide the best possible individualized 1-on-1 in home tutoring lessons to students in grades K-12 by highly qualified credentialed teachers.